luni, 12 ianuarie 2009

Invest now! Buy now!

I think this is the right moment to invest your money (if you have any :D ) in the real estate. This is the moment you should focus on property investments. The prices are at a level where they can just grow. They can't get smaller than this. Buy now and you won't regret.

miercuri, 23 aprilie 2008

Real Estate Evolution

Check this clip about the evolution of the real estate market in Romania since 90 'till now:

vineri, 15 februarie 2008

Laws and Gambling

As far as I know online betting is forbidden in United States but online lottery is allowed and it has a huge success. It is very popular and I recommend you the best site on free online lottery -

joi, 17 ianuarie 2008

Valentine's Day Present Idea

Supposing you are working in the real estate field I assume you can afford to make a nice surprise for you girlfriend offering her a trip to US - Florida... Once you get there I recommend you yacht rentals (yacht charters, luxury yachts, dinner cruises) in Fort Lauderdale Florida!

marți, 6 noiembrie 2007

Alpine Chalets

There are a lot of alpine chalets in Romanian Carpati Mountains and they are rather cheap. You can have there the view, the landscape, the fresh air, the pure water for relatively few money....

miercuri, 24 octombrie 2007

Loans and Banks in Romania

If you need a loan or finance for the home you intend to buy I recommend you the blog about the Romanian banks. Unfortunately it is in Romanian...

Apartments for Rent in Cluj-Napoca

If you want to rent an apartment in Cluj-Napoca, you should go to several real estate agencies and talk to more agents. Take care: many of them will try to cheat you. Read carefully all the papers, the contract and everything before sign them and pay.

sâmbătă, 20 octombrie 2007

Heating Systems for the Winter (AD)

If you intend to buy efficient heating system for this winter I recommend you the North-American company Hawkenenergy:

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vineri, 19 octombrie 2007

Apartment Prices Romania

The apartment prices in a good city in Romania starts from about 1000 -1500 euro / 1 square meter in a new building. So... if you buy a new 60 sm apartment in Romania you have to pay about 80.000 Euros.

joi, 18 octombrie 2007

Real Estate Investments in Romania

Romania is a good market to invest some money in Real Estate and the prove is that ING Real Estate aquired property in Romania and Germany. See the whole article here:

It's Time to Buy Land!

Now it's time tu buy lend if you intend to. During the winter the prices are lower or constant but in the spring all the prices for land are gettign higher.

vineri, 12 octombrie 2007

Land Prices in Floresti

Since the construction of the Polus Mall started in Floresti (the village next to Cluj-Napoca), the land prices raised incredible. They almost double in few months and they are still raising. The big problem with the real estate in Floresti is that the buildings are very close to each other and you can see from your appartment what's in the appartment in the block next to you.

sâmbătă, 6 octombrie 2007

Appartments in Cluj-Napoca - prices

Cluj-Napoca real estate market is one of the most expensive in Romania. You can buy apartments there in new blocks for about 1000-1500 EURO / square meter. There are a lot of new buildings in Cluj-Napoca but you must take care of the quality of the construction and of the legal problems that may arise after you pay the money.

Real Estate Romania

The Real Estate Romanian market is one of the most spectacular in the world. This is the reason that in this field there are a lot of cheaters, people that are trying to get reach over the night with minimum effort. If you intend to buy any property in Romania you have to be very carefully and I advice you to hire a lawyer. It might be expensive for the moment but on the long term you will find out that you have saved a lot of money.